National Day of Civic Hacking: Hampton Roads 2014 – Climate Change and Technology

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National Day of Civic Hacking offers the chance to bring together some of the best and brightest minds in the technology arena to push forward civic innovation and open idea-sharing. We hope to see some promising prototypes come out of the event that will contribute to the success of cities across the country. – Carol Coletta, Knight Foundation Vice President for community and national initiatives

May 31st 9am – 5pm

Virginia Beach/TCC Joint Use Library

Michael Labouve Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453


Hampton Roads citizens will come together this month for National Day of Civic Hacking to inspire collaborative community innovation! National Civic Day of Hacking creates the opportunity for citizens to get involved in serving their community by using technology to create new, innovative applications and platforms. On the TreeHouse blog, Kelley King wrote, “civic developers and designers can help build better communities.” She describes the efforts of groups like Code for America to develop new technology and tools to help “transform mundane municipal undertakings into participatory government.”

How can you help?

We need the help of dedicated designers, developers, marketers, content strategists, psychologists, and others who are passionate about their communities. This National Day of Civic Hacking initiative is based on a variety of event models including hackathons. According to Wired’s Steven Leckart, a Hack-a-thon is an event in which “computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects.”

Our goal as User Experience professionals is to ensure that the tools we develop for the community provide a complete, enjoyable, useful, and safe user experience. You can help us with the design process by conducting research, writing requirements, sketching designs, and creating wireframes and prototypes. You can help us with the hands on development process of applications and tools. You can help us with instructional design, content strategy and marketing to get prototypes in the hands of every day citizens. Best of all, you can learn new skills from members of your community!


National Civic Day of Hacking

Virginia Beach is hosting one of over 100 events taking place throughout the U.S. (and beyond) on May 31 as part of National Day of Civic Hacking. Sponsored by Intel, this is a significant opportunity for government agencies, businesses, nonprofits and civically-engaged individuals to work together to solve complex social problems. Thousands of participants are expected to gather across the globe to leverage new data sets from local and federal agencies to create impactful, technology-based tools and services.

Hampton Roads: Climate Change and Technology

Participants gathering at Virginia Beach/TCC Joint Use Library will use their diverse expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to make an impact on Hampton Roads (i.e., Tidewater Region, Coastal Virginia, Norfolk/Virginia Beach). The theme for Hampton Roads this year is Climate Change and Technology. Numerous participating government agencies include NASA, the Census Bureau, Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Institutes of Health and Peace Corps.

The event is a call to action for anyone in Hampton Roads who wants to make an impact. Anyone can get involved, irrespective of professional experience. The civic hacking event will illustrate the power of open government practices, particularly where data is readily available to support meaningful collaboration between the public and private sectors. National Day of Civic Hacking also demonstrates how the innovation community is active across America and deeply integrated across disciplines and geographic boundaries.

Event registration

The day will be filled with guest speakers, workshops, networking opportunities, and time to work with members of your community on some exciting civic hacking projects!  We’ll be giving away some great swag. Breakfast and lunch are provided thanks to many generous sponsors.

To register visit:

Climate Resilience App Challenge

This opportunity gives team mentorship and guidance to enter the ESRI climate resilience app challenge. President Obama announced a comprehensive Climate Action Plan in 2013, which included a plan for the Climate Data Initiative, “an effort to encourage tech innovators to use data about climate change risks and impacts to help citizens, businesses, and communities make smart choices in the face of climate change.” Help improve your city using your skills in tech by helping create a flood app that will be used by the city! Receive help from Norfolk GIS and Code for Hampton Roads to help make your app successful. In addition to May 31st event, we encourage you to register for May 19th: Yeah, there’s a Map for that: Geospatial JavaScript In Action.

Opening SpeakerMs. Paula Jasinksi

Ms. Paula Jasinski is the President/Founder of Chesapeake Environmental Communications (CEC). She holds a BS in Biology from the University of Virginia and an MS from the College of William and Mary in Marine Science and Resource Management. As President of CEC, Ms. Jasinski works on a variety of projects including identifying climate change impacts and responses, coastal and marine spatial planning, trend analysis, and communicating coastal science to broad audiences. For more information on CEC, please visit: In her opening talk, Ms. Jasinski will provide an overview of the latest climate change science and how forecasted changes are likely to impact coastal Virginia. She will also discuss the Climate Data Initiative and the types of climate data available to draw on to develop new tools. Ms. Jasinski will draw on her experience in addressing climate change at all levels to highlight the types of tools most useful to government entities and the public.

Hands on Workshops

30 minute workshops will spark the imagination on contributing and jumping head first into a Code for Hampton Roads project. Workshops include a workshop hosted by a NASA Climatologist and a handful of workshops hosted by local developers, such as “WordPress your City,” “Github: Gateway to Open Source Collaboration,” “Making Interactive Web Maps,” and “Up and Running with Node.js: Server Side Javascript.”

Donation and Sponsorship information

For information about making donations for the event, which will help cover the cost for food, materials and prizes visit:

Donations to Code for America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, are tax deductible.


Code for Hampton Roads –



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Alex Proaps adapted a portion of this post from the National Day of Civic Hacking Public Relations Release Template and the Code for Hampton Roads Eventbrite page. Header image via National Day of Civic Hacking.


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