HRDevFest and World Usability Day

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Hampton Roads DevFest, an annual regional technology conference, kicked off in November. Speakers offered excellent presentations covering a variety of topics across a variety of technology platforms. The event was hosted by IssueTrak and organized by the local nonprofit organization, RevolutionVA. During HRDevFest, UXPA Norfolk also hosted a poster session to celebrate World Usability Day.

Hampton Roads DevFest logo teal circle

Developing for Connection

A highlight of the day was Sarah Bray‘s presentation – Developing for Connection: Building software that people love, buy, & share. She described some challenges leaders may face in inspiring their teams to fall in love with the products they are building. “People are committed to what they help create.”

Power point presentation with quote by Adam Brault "Tiny leaders build on other tiny leaders to make tiny powerful fearless societies.

It’s not about making us look awesome; it’s about showing how awesome other people are.

“Empathy is not a soft skill; it’s a software skill.” – Sarah Bray

She went on to describe the importance of empathy and human-centered approaches to building  products that connect users to their goals, each other, and their best selves.

World Usability Day

World Usability Day Logo

World Usability Day is a single day of events occurring around the world that brings together communities who share a common objective: to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use. It is about celebration and education – celebrating the strides we have made in creating usable products and educating the masses about how usability impacts our daily lives.It is about making our world work better.

“Good design is sustainable. Great design is responsible.”

This year’s theme was Sustainable UX. Sustainable UX focuses on environmentally responsible design at every stage of a product’s lifecycle.It is about reusing, reducing, and recycling. It is about developing ways to refine and redesign products and services to be more effective, efficient, and reusable while enhancing people’s lives. It is about ensuring products are more ethically disposable. It is about making the world a better place today and for future generations.

We look forward to celebrating World Usability Day again next year. The next RevolutionVA conference, RevolutionConf will take place summer 2017. Be the first to receive event updates and the call for submissions by signing up for our newsletter!


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